Scheli Jones boasts a remarkable 30-year career in the beauty industry, where she has mastered the art of styling and wig-making. Earning the endearing title of "Hair Loss Coach" from her loyal clients, Scheli's boundless passion for her craft shines through. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of her salon, she embraced a positive outlook, assisting her clients in maintaining their looks through virtual platforms like Zoom and FaceTime, empowering them to be self-reliant.

Scheli had always custom-formulated products to cater to her client's specific needs but had never ventured into bottling them. However, necessity led her to ship these products to her clients, thus giving birth to Scheli Oirlay Beauty. Today, her comprehensive haircare line prioritizes scalp health and hydration. Scheli meticulously selected ingredients rich in oils and antioxidants that foster longer, stronger, and better-hydrated hair. Her products and techniques have transformed many clients' hair, enabling it to grow beyond their shoulders.

Recognizing the prevalence of protective hairstyles among countless women, the Scheli Orlay System zeroes in on the three pivotal steps that sustain hair health in these styles: Proper Preparation, Maintenance, and Take Down. Scheli firmly believes that diligent preparation of the hair and scalp before styling is the key to thriving tresses. During the protective style's tenure, proper maintenance with products targeting bacteria, yeast, and fungi is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp and, consequently, healthy hair. The crucial take-down process requires care and the use of appropriate products to prevent damage to the existing healthy hair. The Scheli Orilay system encompasses all of these steps to ensure that your hair remains healthy and reaches its full potential.