1. What is the 3 STEP AT HOME WIG KIT?

The wig kit comprises one of our full lace wigs, our one-swipe signature white adhesive, and instructions on how to apply the wig properly.

2. How long does the wig last?

Our wigs can last from 6 months to a year and sometimes longer, depending on how the client takes care of it.

3. What is a full lace wig?

A full lace wig is a lace wig with all lace with no wefts.

4. Do the full lace wigs come in stock?

We carry a few wigs in stock, but most are made to order per the customer's request.

5. Do the wigs come in different sizes?

Yes, the wigs come in small 21.5 circumference measurement, medium 22.5 circumference measurement, and large 23.5 circumference measurement.

6. Are the wigs heavy?

No, the wigs are very lightweight and fit your head snuggly.

7. Are they easy to apply?

With Scheli’s 3-step application process and her One-swipe Signature White Adhesive. The wigs are very easy to apply.

8. Are the wigs easy to remove?

Yes, the wigs are easy to remove; Scheli has created a step-by-step instructional video to show you how to remove the wig properly.

9. Is the wig easy to clean?

The wig is easy to clean; the process takes about one hour for beginners and 30 minutes for advanced users. Scheli has created a step-by-step instructional video to show you how to clean the wig properly.

10. Do the wigs come in different colors?

Yes, we have many beautiful colors to offer.

11. Do the wigs come in different lengths?

Yes, we offer wig lengths from 10” to 26”.

12. What type of hair do you use?

We start with the highest quality human virgin hair.

13. Do the wigs come in different textures?

Yes, we offer wigs in many different textures.

14. Can the wigs be repaired?

Yes, the wigs can be repaired. However, we work hard to keep our prices low, so purchasing a new wig will not be cumbersome. Repair services can be costly, sometimes more expensive than a new wig.

15. How long does it take to receive my new wig?

If we have stock wigs available, you can receive your wig within one week, depending on where you live. If we are making your wig upon request, it takes 30 days to receive it.

16. Do you offer lace front wigs and lace closure wigs?

Yes, we do. In the same colors and textures as the full lace wigs



1. What is the RLC Haircare line?

RLC Haircare Line is our product line formulated for human hair wigs and hair extensions.

2. How does RLC Haircare work?

RLC Haircare line was created to add moisture and luster to human hair wigs and extensions. The hair on the wig and extensions is no longer attached to the scalp, so it no longer has the luxury of receiving nourishment from the sebaceous glands. We created a series of products that work together to keep hair healthy.

3. How does RLC Spray Orginal (The Detangler) Work?

RLC Original works by removing the tangles and adding a thin coding on the hair shaft to seal in moisture without weighing hair down. Think of it as it replaces the natural moisture you would receive from your natural oils. So it is made to marry with your daily products, not replace them.

4. What are sebaceous glands?

Sebaceous Glands are glands in your scalp that secrete oil that naturally adds moisture to your scalp and hair.

5. How do you use the RLC Spray Orginal?

You can use the spray on clean hair right after you have rinsed the conditioner out. You can use it to refresh your curls and reactivate the product in your hair. We also suggest you use RLC Spray Orginal in the place of water to wet down curly wigs or extensions.

6. What is RLC for Curly hair?

RLC for curly hair is a rich mist spray that adds moisture to the curls and helps to define your curls.

7. What is RNO?

RNO is our nourishing oil. Just a small amount adds sheen and luster to your entire wig and extensions. We suggest you put RNO on your ends to help smooth the cuticle.

8. What is the Prep It!

Haircare Line? The Prep it line was created to hydrate an nourish the hair and the scalp before you put your hair is protective hairstyles.



1. What is RLC Spray Orginal?

RLC Spray Original is a leave-in conditioning spray Scheli Jones created for preventive maintenance and health of human hair wigs and extensions. The hair on wigs is not connected to your head; they no longer have the luxury of being nourished by your sebum. RLC spray helps to detangle your hair and adds a thin coating on the hair shaft to help keep it healthy.

2. What is sebum?

Sebum is the natural oil that flows from your scalp to the hair strands. It naturally hydrates our hair and keeps it healthy.

3. How do I use RLC Spray Original?

Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry with our Arilay Beauty Towel,